Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trafique Coffee Senayan : Place To Stop By When Traffic Jam

Hey peeps! Maybe the place I wanna tell you today not the newest one in town, but this one must be the one of the best spot in Senayan for all of you who want to have some relax time in your hectic day, especially after office, and maybe trapped in traffic jam. Let me tell you more about this place.

Trafique Coffee
First time I knew this coffee shop was from one of my best friend, and I never realized it before if there's a coffee shop near Senayan City, it's because it doesn't have any big signage. So, you can spot this coffee shop by seeing the big house in left side (if you're from Senayan City) in Jl. Hang Tuah with brick white-colored house, yellow door, and a big number 9 signage. Anyway it's very near from Senayan City.

This yellow door, I mean.

Quotes in front of the door.

Look at the door handle! :D

When I looked inside, I just quickly fell in love with this place! The interior is mixture of white bricks, rattan and woods furniture, cement floor, big window which allows sunlight to come in, and some miscellaneous details in the corners. However, this coffee shop is one of the quietest that I've ever visited (in my opinion LOL). The sections are clear for smoking (outside) and non-smoking room. And let me tell you about how lovely the place is from these photos.

Some queue numbers

Making some coffee.

Look at the cool lamps.

Lovely corner.

Some random things I captured.

Outdoor section.

A-ha, spotted my cousin there!

What's that?

So cool eh, you can sip your coffee with listening to the musics with headsets they provide.


Okay, okay, let's talk about the foods.

Green Tea Cheese Cake
This one is the most recommended dessert in Trafique, the mix of green tea and cheese cake. Tastes so mild, the green tea doesn't overwhelm taste of cheese and vice versa. Quiet big in size, and I think you should share the slice with your friend.

Green Tea Cheese Cake.

Fish and Chips 
Not too big but not too small in size, not the great one I ever tried but still tastes good.

Fish and Chips.

Hot Lindt Chocolate
Don't like a cup of coffee? Ahay, they serve delicious hot chocolate too for accompanying your day. It's the famous Lindt Chocolate!

Hot Lindt Chocolate.

Almond Creme Brulle (Rp 40.000)
I love this : hot drink of light taste of almond combined with the thin layer of creme brulle on top.I recommend you to try this one, especially when it's raining outside.

Almond Creme Brulle. (Rp 40.000)


  • Looking for the place to study, chit chat, or even me-time? This place is the answer! I love the ambience : so calm, and the sun lights easily come to indoor section.
  • The first coffee shop I see which provides the headsets to wear! 
  • Love the green tea cheese cake, you should try!
  • Oopsie... forget to take a note about the price. I just remembered the price of my drink, I think the hot chocolate's price is as same as my almond creme brulle, the fish and chip's price is above Rp 50.000, and... the green tea cheese cake's price? Totally forget, but which I remember it's only about Rp 30.000-ish something hehe.

Okay, I've to sleep, still have a minor class tomorrow morning. Sooooooo lazy lah to go to uni nowadays, somehow my spirit to study has already gone to somewhere far far away, totally need a refreshment and new atmosphere.

Well, we have reached the end of the post.
Have a nice sleep everyone.

Trafique Coffee
Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No. 9
Senayan, South Jakarta

Hours: Mon-Sun 09.00 -21.00
T : +62 788 984 8004

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 100.000 for two
 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wingstop Kemang : A Wing Is Never Enough To Stop!

Hey buddy, finally I can make a new blog post again, since this week I feel super busy and dizzy (although this week I almost have no classes). It's weekend again, but somehow I feel weekday comes again as fast as I blink my eyes *sigh*.

Anyway last week I joined a food tasting session in a chicken wings joint in Kemang, I rarely see or hear if there is any chicken wings joint in this town except the famous ones like K** or Mc* or whatever. So this one made me so interested to come there, can't imagine what it would looked like.

*BRB checking if I have any wing with feathers LOL.*

Wingstop is a number one chicken wings joint from Texas, United States. It has been chosen as "Best Wings" in many countries, and came to Indonesia opened its first branch in Kota Kasablanka in June 2014. What I love the most from Wingstop is.... THE GREEN COLOR PALETTE they choose as their brand color woot-woot-woot! Actually kinda bored seeing red colors for foods' corporate color, and never expect that a chicken wings joint would choose green as its corporate color. Ahem, pardon my excitement.... I'm a graphic design student FYI. :P

Ordering place.

Welcome to the flavorhood!

Why need a wing to stop by?
First thing first before I tell you the story, let me take you to a mini tour of Wingstop.

This painting on the wall is so cool, uh?

A corner with lovely hanging lamps and sun light comes through the ceiling.

This is the most favorite thing you can do here!

Calling up one of your childhood memories here :
you can mix the sodas as many as you like, it's free refill!

So many cool typography on the wall, with green color of course!

Let's go upstair.

Why the icons are so cute? I wonder what are their meanings.

Second storey isn't spacious, here are the seats in the alley.

But they have an outdoor smoking area in second storey.

And even they have a cool foosball to play with your friend!

Sipping a welcome drink after the mini tour LOL.

Okay, so why is the wing so special?
From where should I start this? So first, let me introduce you this man.

Guys, meet the chef!

He introduced us the way Wingstop prepares the wings for the customers. First, he showed us the very important utensils to prepare the wings : a special bowl! Maybe at the first time you look at the bowl you'll think it's the same metal bowl like your mom has. No, it's not, the metal bowl's inner surface is not glazed like the outer surface, so it will help the making process. They need to import it from United States itself since there is no bowl like that produced in Indonesia.

How to make the wings? Well, after they fry the wings, they toss them in the special bowl with seasoning. Hmm, actually they take a little bit long time to prepare, because the wings are freshly made and they never reheat your wings up with microwave or stove. 

Chef challenged us : tossing two wings in a special bowl!

Chef poured the hickory sauce inside the bowl, and allowed one of us to be the first challenger.
Chef : Who's the first challenger?
Reza : Ladies first!
Me : Bianca first!!!

Bianca as the first challenger succeed to toss her wings tutored by Chef. Then, our turns.... it turned totally wrong HAHAHAHAHAHAH since most all of us tossed the wings out from the bowl and dropped them on the floor, especially Mark he was so funny he dropped all of his wings LOL!

I dropped a wing on the floor too, but thank goodness I saved the best part!

After tossing the wings.

Show me the foods!
Okay, okay, I was super starving at that time since I didn't eat any breakfast at that day. But, as usual, photo first! :D

Mushroom Fritters. (Rp 25.000)
This battered champignon mushroom comes in big size, bite it and you'll find it is still fresh and moist. Actually not a big fan of mushroom, but I must say this is a yummy and healthy appetizer! Served in 6 pieces with one dipping.

Mushroom Fritters. (Rp 25.000)

Cheese Fries. (Rp 24.545)
Fried fries came in big size with cuts of jalapeno chili on top and the most happiest thing in life..... GALORE CHEESE! So delicious and I bet you can't stop eating this and ended up with licking your fingers to enjoy the last piece of fries and cheese.

Cheese Fries. (Rp 24.545)

Cajun Rice (Rp 10.000)
You're not an Indonesian if your stomack is full after finishing your meal without rice. Yeap, this rice menu is only available in Indonesia since we, the Indonesian, always eat rice three times a day LOL! But still, this rice gets a touch of American seasoning, cooked with Cajun seasoning, a typical spice from Louisiana, so the color is reddish. 

Veggie Stick (Rp 15.000)
A smart menu for balancing the meals since most all of the foods served are deep fried. Served with one dipping.

Cajun Rice (Rp 10.000); Veggie Stick (Rp 15.000)

Mini Churros (Rp 25.000)
Even they serve my favorite snack, CHURROS! This one is little bit smaller than the original size, the cinnamon taste was quiet strong, I like it, especially when the taste of cinnamon mixed with chocolate dipping.

Mini Churros (Rp 25.000)

Wings - Boneless / Classic
For me, I rarely eat wings as it is the least favorite for chicken since all the wings I see always have less meat, but these wings are bigger than the others you may see in other wings joint, and they're so juicy and succulent! I'm so in love with these wings, they have 10 variants of flavors for the wings, I will tell about it later after this. How many wings do you wanna eat? Choose as many as you like :

  • 5 pcs (2 flavors + 1 dip) - Rp 34545
  • 10 pcs (2 flavors + 1 dip) - Rp 66.364
  • 18 pcs (3 flavors + 2 dip) - Rp 120.000

Garlic Parmesan (L) or Hickory Smoked BBQ (R)?

Big drumsticks spotted!

You make me mouthwatering, show me the wings more!!!
As I told you before, there are 10 flavors available in Wingstop. You noticed the icons in frames on 10th picture? YES they are the flavors!!!!

You still want to "kepo" how do the wings taste, kid? *munch munch*

The samplers, started from Teriyaki to Atomic.

Many seasonings and sauces you can choose for your wings, all of us were given a set of all the flavors. Chef said we had to start to eat from the sweet one to the most spicy one.

  • Teriyaki : Sweet but little bit sourer than the one you usually eat, since the American teriyaki is sourer than the Asian teriyaki.
  • Hawaiian : The taste of pinapple dominates the sauce.
  • Garlic Parmesan : I love the savoriness level, since the cheese not too salty but perfectly mixed with light butter.
  • Lemon Pepper : The pepper more overwhelming than the lemon. But try this one, it's not like eating the ordinary peppered chicken.
  • Hickory Smocked BBQ : The most exotic one, like eating a roasted hickory wood. :p

Wait.... 5 more flavors, guys....
  • Mild : The taste starts to be spicy, more little bit salty, but still.... it's like Maicih spicy cassava chips level 0,5 / 10 lahhhh in my mouth....
  • Louisiana Rub : More spicier than Mild, equivalent to Maicih level 1 / 10.
  • Hot Original : More spicier than Louisiana Rub, the spiciness level jumps from 1/10 to 5/10.
  • Cajun : More spicier than Hot Original, but the spiciness level jumps only a little bit.
  • Atomic : Ready for this? When I ate this one, the spiciness level jumped a little bit from Cajun, and little bit unexcited as I thought this one had to be the spiciest one. BUT BE CAREFUL WITH THE AFTERTASTE : the spicy aftertaste still sticks on your tongue even after you swallow it. SUPER HOT! I saw Reza was sweating a lot like a opened water tap beside me LOL.

The most epic food tasting : It's like The Last Supper painting,
but not for the 12 apostles.... it was for.... FIVE OF US!!!!
*eating until almost died of full stomack*


  • A nice casual wings joint, never saw a wings joint with nice interior design.
  • It will add more fun if they put some television, I think the smoking area suits for "nobar" a.k.a watching soccer matches together.
  • They have cool foosball to play with your friends.
  • The wings are extraordinary, I'm in love to Wingstop since the first bite! The price is fair, worth bigger portion and delicious flavors. Once I bite, I think it's never enough to stop!

Reza, Mark + Bianca, Chef, Qonita, Me, Dandy.

The full team, mixed with the fellow foodies from Carl's Jr food tasting session at the same time.
Thank you dear Zomato, Wingstop and Carl's Jr for the hospitality!

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 93B
Kemang, South Jakarta
(Located beside PongMe! Kemang)

Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 -22.00
T : +62 21 297 049 81

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : NO
Price Range: Rp 150.000 for two
Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Also serving in :
Mall Kota Kasablanka
Setiabudi One
Margo City Depok
Cinere Bellevue
Bintaro XChange


Monday, May 11, 2015

3 Tempat Kuliner Unik Yang Bikin Penasaran Di Instagram

Hari ini gua baru nyadar kalo ternyata liburan tinggal hitung mundur 2 bulan lagi
Seneng dong soalnya liburan gua panjang gitu 3 bulan, abis itu sepanjang semester 7 nanti harus magang. Hmmm... tapi sampe sekarang bahkan gua belom nyiapin CV sama portfolio. -___-

Di saat temen-temen gua uda pada kelabakan mau bikin portfolio buat ngelamar magang, gua tiba-tiba ga ngebayang, kayaknya baru aja masuk kuliah desain, cepet banget sekarang udah kudu simulasi kerja, terus bentar lagi.... malah kerja beneran LOL. Gimana kalo ngebayangin sebentar kalo gua udah jadi anak kantoran? Kayaknya abis kerja, kerjaan gua cuma cari makan deket kantor buat melepas penat, dan foto sana-sini buat di-upload di Instagram.

Seru banget ga sih guys, kalo misalnya lu udah abis kerja terus sama temen-temen hunting kuliner ngelepas penat sama temen-temen, dan ternyata kalian nemu restoran atau kafe yang ternyata gak biasa. Kalo gua sih seneng pake banget... soalnya nanti pasti lucu banget buat dimasukin ke Instagram, berasa kita abis nemuin harta karun di tengah belantara dan temen-temen kita belom pernah ada yang ngeliat harta karunnya HAHAHAHA.

Ehm. Jadi... ada beberapa tempat di Jakarta yang bisa gua rekomendasiin untuk wajib dikunjungi loh guys, makanannya unik dan sangat super Instagram-able!

Let's check it out guys!
Here we go!

Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 31
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 9782 6123
Hours: Sun - Thu 11.00 - 01.00 /
Fri - Sat 11.00 - 02.00 

Wi-fi : Yes
Price Range: Rp 200.000 for two

What to try?
Mexican Blood Transfusion (Rp 76.000)

Ini tempat makan apa mau berobat?

Ada yang takut ke dokter, atau takut disuntik mungkin? Mungkin kalian harus coba ke "rumah sakit" bernama Hospitalis. Wets... tenang, tenang, kalian ga bakal disuntik kok! Hospitalis ini adalah restoran bertema rumah sakit yang ada di daerah Radio Dalam. Pas kalian masuk, kalian bisa liat dekor di dalamnya persis seperti berkunjung ke rumah sakit, lalu kalian akan disambut dokter-dokter dengan stetoskop dan suster-suster berambut merah. Habis itu kalian sebagai "pasien" akan diantarkan menuju meja kalian. Hmm... bukan sembarangan meja biasa loh, mejanya kayak meja operasi, dan kursinya berbentuk kursi roda.

Seru abis loh jadi pasien di sini, kita bisa pesan makanan dan minuman (yang tentunya) masih bertema rumah sakit! Penasaran? Kalian bisa cobain minum "Mexican Blood Transfusion," yang penyajiannya aja unik banget... masa yah, minumannya ditaruh di kantung infus loh, terus diderek dari dapur komplit pake tiang infusnya segala. Seru banget kan? Dan tentunya masi banyak makanan dan minuman lainnya yang unik dan pastinya seru banget buat dimasukin ke Instagram kan hoho!

Awas disuntik dokter! *njusss*

Local Anesthetic - Rp 40.000

Lumayan.. lucu juga buat bikin temen-temen penasaran di Instagram.

Mexican Blood Transfusion - Rp 76.000

Kazan Ramen
Ruko Cordoba Blok A No. 11
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

T : +62 822 9116 4643

Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 -23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 200.000 for two

What to try?
Kazan Curry Ramen (Small - Rp 59.800; Large : Rp 79.800)

Tempatnya merah semua.

"Kazan"? Apaan tuh? Kalo diterjemahin dari Bahasa Jepang, "Kazan" itu artinya "gunung berapi" brosist. Kazan ini tempat ramen yang berasal dari Osaka dan udah buka cabang di beberapa negara, dan di Indonesia baru aja buka di kawasan Pantai Indah Kapuk, tapi.. bukan ramen biasa loh. Di sini kalian bisa masak sendiri ramen kalian di atas meja masing-masing, tanpa pakai kompor!

Lah? Ga pakai kompor pakai apaan dong masaknya?
Jawabannya : pakai mangkok kayak ulekan yang terbuat dari batu, dan mangkok batunya ga bole kalian pegang langsung, karena ternyata mangkok batunya dipanasin di atas kompor sampai 300' C! Jadi ramen kalian bakalan tetep panas sampe kalian diemin berapa lamapun. Ups, ternyata ga cukup sampai mangkok batu doang loh temen-temen, ternyata masaknya juga dibantu dengan.....


Corong merah, teko isi kari, sama... jem pasir? Hah?
Lah lah lah... kok pake corong?

Penasaran kan? Ternyata kita harus tuang kuah kari yang mendidih ke dalam mangkok batu, dan nanti harus ditutup pake semacem tutup panci berbentuk corong. Asapnya bakalan keluar lewat lubang dan... PUFFFF!!! Asapnya muncul kayak gunung berapi. Itu kenapa namanya "Kazan," karena masaknya kayak gunung berapi. Pas keluar asapnya ini adalah bagian yang paling seru buat difoto dan ditaruh di Instagram deh.

Coba upload foto ini, pasti temen-temen semua cuma bakalan nanya,
"Lu makan apaan dah?" hahaha.

Pipiltin Cocoa
Jl. Barito 2 No. 5
Blok M, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 72 8000 11

Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 -23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 150.000 for two

What to try?
Ebony Ivory - Rp 47.000

Psst.. bisa ngintip coklatnya dibikin langsung loh di dapur.

Siapa yang suka coklat?!!!! Gua suka banget sama coklat, dan buat lo semua yang suka coklat kayak gua, kalian wajib dateng ke Pipiltin Cocoa. Restoran yang punya tagline "Chocolate From The Scratch" ini bener-bener bikin produk mereka dari kakao yang diproduksi di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia. Pertamanya sih pas dateng ke sini mikir.... ah, ini seberapa uniknya sih jualan coklat?

Well, ternyata.... beneran unik banget! Banyak banget pilihannya, sampe liat fotonya pengen pesen semua... tapi apa daya dompet ga merestui MUEHEHEH. Jadi ada beberapa dessert yang gua dan temen-temen pesen buat bagi-bagi, dan kita sampe bingung mulai dari tampilannya lucu banget... sampe kita ga tau cara makannya gimana karena bingung buka wadahnya wahahahaha. Tapi yang pasti ini juga Instagram-able abis guys dessert-nya, karena unik pake banget deh pokoknya.

Ahay, seru banget bisa liat brownies coklat di dalem botol kaca pake semacam asap-asap
melayang di dalemnya.. tapi..... ga ngerti buka wadahnya pertamanya LOL.
*yang penting upload Instagram dulu lah, mikirin bukanya gimana belakangan aja*

Ebony Ivory - Rp 47.000

Makan coklat... tapi, kayak makan pake sabun hihi.

Motion - Rp 45.000

Jadi, kira-kira apa yang musti dipersiapin buat kulineran kali ini?
Menurut gua, yang pasti ajak temen-temen, karena makin rame pasti makin seru dong yah. Yang kedua, jangan lupa siapin gadget untuk foto-foto dan di-upload di Instagram. Udah kekumpul temen-temen sama gadget-nya?

Temen udah,
gadget udah,
cakep, juga udah *loh?*

Lah berangkatnya pake apa cyin?

Ahay! Pake Toyota Agya dong! Toyota Agya ini mobil yang paling cucok buat diajak kulineran bareng guys. Doi adalah city car yang gua ajak membelah Jakarta ini buat urusan perut yang berjenis LGCC (Low Cost Green Car) yang pastinya hemat bahan bakar banget, ditambah lagi dengan desain yang sleek.

Kecil-kecil cabe rawit!

Walaupun dari luar mobil ini berukuran kompak, tapi kabinnya luas banget, dan pastinya pas buat ngajak temen-temen gak pake dempet-dempetan, sambil dengerin lagu dan nyanyi rame-rame di jalan berkat audio canggihnya.

Bagian dasbor kece dengan sentuhan silver.

Dan ga cuma stuck di warna yang itu-itu aja, ini mobil juga modis karena bisa pilih warna yang kalian suka. Mobil? Irit. Tampilan? Kece abis bro. Fitur? Komplit pula! Cocok banget kan buat aktivitas sehari-hari, terlebih lagi buat para first jobber.

Doi emang mobil yang paling pengertian, gua suka abis sama Toyota Agya : kecil bisa nyelip di jalanan dibanding mobil lain, dan harganya irit-rit-rit-rit. Kece lahir batin lah. *sip!*

Wih ada yang warna biruuu!

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi?
Ayo kulineran dan post fotonya di Instagram hoho. Dan mungkin kalian nemu tempat-tempat kuliner unik lainnya yang bikin penasaran di Instagram selain di atas? Kasitau gua yah. ;)

Dan saatnya.... nyicil portfolio sama CV dulu buat nanti magang semester tujuhhhh huhuhuhuhu.