Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mainichi Cafe Pantai Indah Kapuk

I went here with Thursmates, after tasted some foods in Coffee Kulture (review is in here!). I was super curious about Mainichi, the one of the popular places in Pantai Indah Kapuk and I hadn't came to there at that time. So, I recommended my friends to go there.

That iconic typeface.

As the person who goes anywhere with GPS, I turned on my GPS to direct us to Mainichi but there's no exact GPS point from Foursquare, and the Google Navigation directed us to Mainichi Shinbum News Agency in Jakarta LOL, so we tried to find it by ourselves. It's located in a row of shop house beside exit freeway near Tzu Chi Foundation, and you will find it in the corner of the row.

Inside Mainichi.

When we arrived there, there was nobody inside excepts waiters and the manager. The first impression when I stepped inside was : wow, such a cute greeney place and feel so homey! I love how they choose the color palletes for Mainichi (yeah you know, I love green!).

So, welcome to Mainichi.


They even put a shelf and some things for display, too cute... and it feels like your own home.

Cups of tea and teapots on the wall.

The foods
In spite of having so many foods to offer, there was just a food that made us interested to order. We decided to order this.

Ergh, or "these",
Marshmallow Cakes. (Rp 10.000)

Top : Caramel and Rose,
Down : Matcha and Oshmantus.

It's similar like Tokyo Banana, super soft spongey cake with light cream fillings. There are so many variants for the marshmallow cakes, and we chose 4 tastes served at the day.

  • Caramel : the caramel tasted so light, not like the one you've tasted in other cakes.
  • Rose : yup it's like eating rose in cream version, you'll smell the light rose fragant from this cake, recommended to try.
  • Matcha : this one is good, but the taste for me was too light.
  • Osmanthus : what kind of this thing? I also knew about this kinda vocabulary "osmanthus" at the first time I ordered the marshmallow cake. Osmanthus is a kind of flower which grows in East Asia, usually used for fragants or as tea infusion. The smell is similar like peach, it's such a new sensation for your tongue when you eat this one. 

The soft texture.

You know, it just tasted.....


Me, Cella and Grace.

As we finished our marshmallow cakes at there, many students (especially primary students) came, still wore their uniforms, and had a snacking time with friends and even with their moms. What a beautiful day they had, snacking with mom after studying at school, I even can't recall my mind only to remember if I had a memory like they have, snacking time after school with still wearing uniform with my mom when I was still a primary student. ;(

The jam bottles hung on.

Even though this place is so small (if compared with the cafes and restaurants in Pantai Indah Kapuk), it was so comfortable for me and friends to have your time for chillaxing. Cute decoration and affordable price are the reasons to visit Mainichi again someday. And... I give the title for Mainichi as the cutest place in Pantai Indah Kapuk, LOL.

Yes it is, your neighbourhood cafe.

Mainichi Cafe
Ruko Garden House Blok A No. 30
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

T : +62 21 2903 3388
Hours: Sun - Thu 13.00 - 22.00
Fri - Sat 13.00 - 24.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 35.000 - Rp 80.000


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mau Nonton Si Doi di Java Soundsfair 2014, Tapi......

Hai semua, gua mau nge-post random aja deh hari ini, gua lagi kecewa nih.... Soalnya gua lagi pengen banget nonton Soundsfair, salah satu "produk"nya Java Festival.

Kenapa lagi pengen banget nonton Soundsfair?
Tak lain dan tak bukan, karena ada si.....







Tapi ga kesampean, soalnya.......


Doi adalah salah satu artis yang susah banget didatengin ke Jakarta, hmm... karena Simpsonizer itu jumlahnya ga banyak sih kalo di Indo dibandingin sama Beliebers. :')

Padahal tiket udah murah banget bok, tapi konser dia malem banget bok, bokap gua mana mau jemput jemnya bentrokan gitu, terus masa gua nonton sendirian ke sono forever alone.... hmm sebenernya bisa sih, cuma jiwa experience hunter gua lagi ga on fire banget. Hadeh, kalo gua punya pacar, mungkin bisa kali pacarnya gua paksa suruh nemenin gua nonton si doi, tapi.......... sayangnya gua jomblo hiks *meluk tembok*.

He... lu pada baru tau kan gua nge-fans sama Cody Simpson?
Haha sebenernya baru-baru ini sih. Gua udah pernah cerita kok di post yang ini.
Gara-gara lagi nugas gua bete playlist-nya cuma Avicii doang dari tadi, terus jalan-jalan Youtube nemu video clip-nya "Pretty Brown Eyes", ehhhh..... bocah ingusan yang dulu gua hina dina bersama Justin Bieber ga taunya malah gede jadi ganteng, Justin Bieber lewat deh..... gile gua nelen ludah sendiri cuy, malah jadi nge-fans gara-gara udah ganteng, lagunya bagus-bagus, ngena di hati gitu deh. #sesuatu

Gue kayak ABG labil ye nge-fansnya sama Cody Simpson. :')
Bodo amat ah, biar kata gua udah 20 taun, jiwa gua masih 17 taun nih.

Yah at least, setidaknya yang kayak gua ga cuma gua doang sih.....
Ada si Tika juga. Cuma bedanya gua Simpsonizer, dia itu Belieber, dari SMA pulak, fans garis keras punya.

Pas liburan, gua pergi berempat sama Aim, Tika, Josh nongki together naik mobilnya Josh. Terus di mobilnya Josh keputer lagunya Cody Simpson yang jadi soundtrack-nya "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball" yang judulnya "La Da Dee". Ehhhh... jadi nyambung deh topiknya ke Cody Simpson.

Aim : Dih kok lu dengerin lagunya "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball"?
Josh : Iya 'Im. *mau diganti lagunya sama Josh*
Gue : Josh', jangan ganti lagunya, ini enak.

Tika : 'Bi, lu suka dengerin Cody Simpson kan?
Gue : Iya Tik', gua lagi ketagihan banget dengerin lagunya dia.
Tika : Anjir wakakakak, kok lu bisa ketagihan?
Gue : Abis waktu nugas begadang bosen lagunya Avicii mulu, gua jalan-jalan di Youtube eh liat dia, anjir gede jadi ganteng banget!

Tika : Ih gak ganteng ah 'Bi.
Tika : Aneh aja gitu 'Bi mukanya ga tau kenapa kayak bebek, masih gantengan Justin Bieber ah.

Aim : Najis lu berdua ngeributinnya! Emang Cody Simpson kayak apa sih mukanya? Gua ga tau.

Gue : Tik', coba kasi liat Aim foto Cody Simpson.
Tika : Nih 'Im, Cody Simpson tuh yang ini. *kasih liat henponnya pake Google foto Cody Simpson*
Aim : *liat henpon*
Tika : Tuh kan gantengan Bieber.

Aim : Duh ini gantengnya dari mana coba Cody?
Tika : Jadi gantengan Bieber dong?
Aim : Gak, gak dua-duanya.

Tika : Eh sumpah, tapi cewenya Cody Simpson cakep banget sumpah!
Gue : Iya, anjir Gigi Hadid sih cakep banget woy badannya bagus lagi, model bikini!
Aim : Ha?
Tika : 'Im, lu musti liat pacarnya Cody Simpson, pasti lu demen.

Aim : *liat foto Gigi Hadid di Google*
Gue : Pasti lu naksir kan 'Im, cakep bodinya bagus.
Aim : .........

Gue : Jadi, gantengan Cody Simpson kan 'Im?
Tika : Gantengan Justin Bieber kan 'Im?

Coba Tika seorang Simpsonizer, pasti kita udah nonton Cody berdua malem ini jem 8 di JCC. :''''')

Liat Instagram-nya Cody nih lagi main di Jakarta
Ganteng banget yah... hatinya baik lagi. Justin Bieber mana mau diajakin blusukan begini. :'''')

Video kiriman Cody Simpson (@codysimpson) di


Ah syudahlah....
Gua lagi sedih nih galau abis ga bisa nontonin dia. Sementara gua lagi ngetik post ini, gua malah dapet mention dari seseorang yang gua ga kenal di Twitter.

Gua ga pegang tiket bok, hadeh emang ga jodoh yah.

Hibur gua dong. #apabanget :')

Udahlah mending tidur aja di rumah, nungguin video konsernya keluar aja di Youtube. :')
La da dee la da dee doo la da da me la da dee you.....

Photo credit : di sini, di sini, di sini, di sini, di sini, di sini, dan di sini.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coffee Kulture Muara Karang

One fine day.

Planned going to somewhere with Thursmate a.k.a Thursday Soulmates, but we were so lazy to dress properly or even wasted money too much at that time, so we planned about hanging out with super low budget, and we went only with T-shirt and sandals, and even Aim just wore his gym outfit, loosy T-shirt and shorts like boxer HAHAHAHAH. Oh come on, this is the real us lah. (kita ini aslinya terlalu lancay lah, apalagi gua kalo kuliah HEHEHE)

Coffee Kulture
Located in one of the food center in North Jakarta, from afar, we thougth the place just like an ordinary two storeyed house, but later we noticed the place as we read the signing board. The place is small, but so homey and everything was packed inside, luckily we could have our seat there, but I couldn't take some pictures of its interior as too much people inside.

Welcome to Coffee Kulture.

And first thing first, this one is different with Koultura Coffee which located in Taman Ratu, West Jakarta. When one of my friends checked-in the location in Path, many friends guessed if we were in Koultura Coffee. Okay, nope.... they are different, and this one is located in North Jakarta.

A wall like chalkboard.

I couldn't take many pictures of the interior as everything was packed inside, and... yah you know lah maybe it's kinda annoying if you got a person brings his/her big camera and point the lens unto you (even we don't want to take a snapshot of the person, just wanna take some pictures of the interior!). Luckily we still could have a sit without waiting when we arrived there.

Let us have a seat and order what coffee you want.

The coffee shop was quiet small, but it was homey and colorful inside. The side of walls were drawn with chalk, and not like the other coffee shop which usually use the wood and neutral color palletes, the interior inside uses little touch of vibrant colors like red, purple, blue etc. The first emphasis you can see when you enter Coffee Kulture was the hanging instant photos on the mirror, you can put yours there if you want.

And let baristas make your coffees.

The smoking room was clearly separated with the non-smoking room, it was located in the back of non-smoking, and the floor was covered with synthetic grass, it's so nice like you're playing in the garden eh! Love it so much. But once again, I can't show you the interior of the smoking room, as everything-is-super-packed-inside.

The foods

Hot Classic Chocolate. (Rp 30.000)

Who doesn't love chocolate? For me, it's the most delicious taste in the world. We ordered this one, hoped it would came with a good latte art on it. But, seems the latte art which made on the chocolate can't stay too much longer than on the coffee, as you can see the latte art on the photo was so foamy and even we couldn't see it clearly. Skip about the look, and I sipped it, the taste wasn't too deep yet too sweet for me.

Matcha Latte. (Rp 32.000) 

Matcha latte is one of the favorite beverages here, you can order what kind of cute latte art on the matcha, we ordered like this one. Meh, so reminds me of my childhood lah, I love watching the movie series : TOYS STORY! This one is inspired from one of the Toys Story's character, Squeezy Toy Alien. The taste was good, not too sweet for me.


You can order some dimsum here, like we did. We love the lumpia, tasted crispy and not oily, one portion comes in 3 pieces.

Porcupine Pao. (Rp 17.500)

The cute menu from Coffee Kulture! We had been craving this one as people in social media said the filling was Nutella, thatsuperduperscrumptiouschocolatepeanutbutter. But...... the waitress said the filling was no longer Nutella, every month they change the filling of this pao, and that month the filling change into tausa (sweet red bean paste). But it was okay, we still loved tausa, and we didn't regret to order this one, the filling was generous inside.

Piggy Pao. (Rp 17.500)

The most mainstream bakpao in social media! Ehm, I'm telling the truth, right? The filling of this pao is liquid salted egg, and I bet you'll love it when you cut it into two, you can see that yellow egg melts outward, yum! I love the savoriness level of the salted egg, and it wasn't sticky inside my mouth (like the other salted eggs do to me, hiks). Better if you eat this one carefully, as the salted egg can stain your cloth.

"Holaaaaa everybodyyyy!"

Another alternative to hang out in North Jakarta, it's not located on that-super-packed Pantai Indah Kapuk, and it's so homey, although the cafe was small. The most favorite thing we like there : prices are affordable, and we could enjoy our day with cute latte arts and bakpaos!

Have a nice day.

P. S. : Thanks to Jason for helping me taking some photos.

Coffee Kulture
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya No. 37
Pluit, North Jakarta

T : +62 21 660 2234
Hours : Mon - Fri 10.00 - 23.00
Sat - Sun 11.00 - 23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 12.000 - Rp 65.000


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Presiden Baru

Duh hari ini nge-post random aja yah hehe.

Wah ga kerasa yah kemaren di social media semuanya pusing sampe berantem mau milih presiden yang mana, dan ternyata Indonesia sekarang uda punya presiden baru deh.

Pertama kita ucapkan selamat untuk Bapak Jokowi dan Bapak JK!
*bahkan yang cihuy Bapak JK jadi wapres dua kali loh*

Hari ini mereka dilantik deh, nih gua lagi nonton nih acara mereka di TV, seru yah. Btw omong-omong soal pilpres, kemaren tuh pas kampanye tuh bener-bener panas banget kan...... pusing banget ga sih tiap hari beritanya pilpres mulu sampe rasanya kok bangsa ini jadi bener-bener kepecah belah jadi dua gara-gara pilpres doang?

Yah kalo di lingkungan keluarga dan temen-temen gua sih ga sampe kepecah belah yang kayak dibilang di atas gitu kok seriusan, cuma yang ada gua pernah baca ask.fm temen gua, dia dan bokapnya pernah isengin nyokapnya gitu, ga jauh-jauh soal pemilu. Kira-kira percakapannya begini yang gua baca di ask.fm-nya dia, gua ngakak setengah mati pas baca tulisan temen gua.

Bokap temen gua : Papa mau pilih capres X aja ah.
Temen gua : Iya aku juga ah.
Nyokap temen gua : Gih dah! Kalo gitu baju kalian berdua ga usah Mama cuciin yak!
Temen gua : 'Ma aku tetep mau coblos capres X yah.
Nyokap temen gua : Gih dah! Kamu sekalian minta duit jajan sama duit kuliahnya nanti ke capres X aja!

Ngakak LOL. Yah waktu kampanye semuanya sih yah gitu-gitu aja, meme-meme konyol semuanya ada di media sosial, berita-berita kampanye hitam juga bertebaran di mana-mana, yah waktu kampanye semua berjalan demikian, dan antara hanyut terbawa euforia, mau bodo amat sama semuanya, semuanya jadi satu waktu itu. Yah ga ada yang spesial-spesial amat sih.

Tapi waktu itu, yang bener-bener sampe di "puncak"nya sih..... sampe pas mau pengumuman resmi hasil penghitungan suara dari KPU aja, bahkan ada isu mau ribut-ribut tuh. Ya ampun, ini kenapa lagi ini? .___.

Nah, ada isu kan tuh kalo kemaren ini pas hasil pengumuman real count pada ada siap-siap rusuh...
Pasti semua juga uda banyak yang tau, konon katanya sih, tapi waktu itu semua udah super gencar ada isu beginian. Gua sendiri sebagai warga keturunan sih, you know lah what I mean masa I musti jelasin lagi.... gue aja udah liat tetangga ngungsi ke luar negeri pas abis pemilu sama mau pengumuman real count, denger temennya temen ngungsi juga ke luar negeri, bahkan temen gua sendiri juga diungsiin sekeluarga wakakakak padahal temen gua aja selow banget males ngungsi.

Selama masa-masa panas waktu itu dari dua minggu sebelom real count diumumin, bokap gua udah wanti-wanti gua sama adek gua ga boleh pergi malem-malem, dan ga boleh jauh-jauh, apalagi ke Jakarta Pusat, paling keluar seperlunya aja kayak ke kampus gitu. Yah... berhubung muka gua dan adek gua super Chibang (China banget) apalagi adek gua matanya lebih segaris daripada mata gua HAHAHAH, syudahlah ikut kata PapaUbi aja lah haiyaaaa. At least, ternyata ga cuma gua yang diwejangin hal yang sama kayak gua, temen-temen gua juga.

Pusing ye pilpres doang? Ckck. Males aja gitu, panas bener nih negara sikonnya.

Pas sore, The Kimtjils ngobrol di LINE deh...
Hari itu lagi mau pengumuman real count secara resmi dari KPU, gua sih ngaso aja di sofa depan TV nungguin berita. Semua TV lagi nayangin berita tentang hitung real count di KPU, dan sore-sore di grup LINE temen kampus gua, Fanuel tiba-tiba ngirim foto di grup....

Novi : ITU SIAPAAAAAA!!!????? *Novi ini fans garis kerasnya John Mayer dari dulu*
Fanuel : Wakakakakka, kan situ mau ke Bali juga, siapa tau si John lama di sana.
Novi : Sabtu ini anjrooottttt yeayesyeyaysysyayayayeyessssssss!
Fanuel : Wakakakka mudah-mudahan ketemu yeee haha.
Novi : Amin amin amin semoga sehotel MUAHAHAH!

Ubi : Cacaaaa apa kabar di sono huhu, gua mulai kangen sama kalian semua, baru ketemuan sama Nopi doang kemaren LOL.
Caca : Baik 'Biiii... serem di sini kebon semua. (Caca lagi ngambang di Belitung)
Novi : Kemaren gua baca blog lu 'Bi tentang kehidupan kampus, hiks kangen hahaha.

Cindy : Loh Nov', lu udah di Bali?
Novi : Belom Cin' gua berangkat Sabtu.

Nyambunglah topik kita ke real count...
Ubi : Wakakakak Caca anak kebon, eh btw kok di TV suasana jadi panas gini yah? Bokap gua lagi dari masak sampe nongki depan TV. Anjir serem weh takut panas entar pengumuman KPU jam 4 sore.

Novi : IYAAA SEREM BANGET NIH, gua disuruh packing buset.
Ubi : Serius pake banget lu packing?
Novi : Iya nih disuruh. -_-

Jeho : Anjrit komplek rumah gua pada dijagain tentara, gua mau keluar rumah ga jadi.
Ubi : Bagus dong, komplek lu jadi enak.
Novi : Anjir, eh asik dong dijagain TNI? Tetangga gua bekas jenderal lagi ga di sini lagi, terus tetangga gua yang galak juga mudik hadehhh....
Jeho : Huahahaha Nov'!

Novi : Temen-temen enci gua yang ngantor di Sudirman, Kuningan, dll disuruh pulang jem 2 bahkan. -_-
Ubi : Bagus dong, jalanan di sono udah sepi dong.

Ubi : Nov', lu beneran... lagi.... packing.... sekarang?
Novi : Iya nih gua lagi packing.
Novi : Cuma ya packing buat ke Bali sih itung-itung.

Novi : Amit-amit kalo ada apa-apa mau ke airport, di sono ada hotel juga.
Ubi : Oh iya juga yah, biar kata ga pergi bandara pasti aman, bokap gua malah leha-leha lanjut masak.
Cindy : Caca paling aman nih, kalo kenapa-napa tinggal nyamar jadi pohon di kebon.

Novi : Gua udah ditungguin abang abisnya....

Ubi : Samfah lah Nop' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!!!!!

Sementara itu lagi nonton TV...
Yah gua sih ga ada rasa waswas mau ada rusuh waktu itu, seru aja liatin orang-orang demo di Bundaran Patung Kuda Arjuna Wijaya di Monas, kayak mau ngotot nembus barikade gitu ke Gedung Mahkamah Konstitusi, terus mereka disemprot sama water cannon gitu....

Bokap : Ha???? Mana mana mana???? *langsung ngibrit dari belakang ke depan TV*

Bokap : Ah udah ga berantem lagi, airnya udah ga ada, udah ga seru.... *lanjut masak lagi*
Terus gua baru kali itu liat, polisi Indonesia ga kalah dengan yang ada di film-film Hollywood, berasa keren banget men mereka di mata gua. #gapenting #tapiinipentingbuatgua #yasudahlah #abaikan

Ngomongin soal isu kerusuhan bersama Trio Umbi Kece di LINE....
Lain percakapan sama temen kuliah, lain lagi sama mereka berdua.... lagi-lagi ga jauh-jauh dari isu bakal ada kerusuhan abis real count KPU. =___=

Mamat : Bokap lu ngajak kabur yah 'Lis? Hahahahaha. Ga bakal rusuh lah tenang aja.
Elis : Kemaren. Sekarang ngajak naik gunung ke Flores, NTT. =___=
Elis : Sama karyawan gua yang asli Flores sekalian pulang kampung.

Mamat : Hahaha.
Elis : Ogah gua si gadis kota disuruh naik gunung, di Flores lagi. Bokap gua dulu sih muda hobi naik gunung, tapi sekarang mana kuat dia. =___=
Mamat : Yah siapa tau masih kuat hahahah.

Mamat : Btw, minggu ini jadi ada kemungkinan keluar-keluar nggak? Kalo malem kan agak gimana gitu, kalo siang? Gua minggu ini kayaknya mau ngendep di rumah aja hahaha.
Elis : Belom jelas kabar beritanya. Siapa tau bokap beneran ajak sekeluarga ke NTT, masih shock gua. =___=

Mamat : Hahahahah, gapapa lah Lis.
Elis : Diajak ke Jakarta Selatan aja susah, ini tiba-tiba mau ke Indonesia Timur.

Elis : Hahaha nyokap gua belom tau, dia pasti shock, adek gua juga.
Elis : Bokap katanya sekalian sama karyawan pulang kampung biar mereka jadi local guide.

Elis : Gua sih kalo serumah pergi yah pasti ikut, masa iya gua jaga rumah jaga guguk. =___= *masih waswas*
Gue : BUHAHAHAHAHA KE NTT WAKAKAKAKAK, ikut bole kali kalo beneran!

Aduh ga tau kenapa lucu banget ini HAHAHAHAH, yang ada orang pergi ngabur ke luar negeri ini malah mau ke pelosok bok ngumpetnya. Gua ceritain ini aja ke bokap nyokap semua pada ketawa, ada aja dah om gua. Duh itu reaksi tante gua gimana dah kalo tau sekeluarga diajak ngumpet ke NTT.

Elis : Tadi emak gua pas gua bilang bokap ngajak ke NTT, jawaban dia simpel.
Elis : "Jangan dipesenin tiket" HAHAHA.

Toh, sampai sekarang... ternyata ga kenapa-kenapa kan?
Duh akhirnya tanggal 20 Oktober dateng juga, bangun-bangun pagi-pagi langsung banyak berita Jokowi udah dilantik, dan gua yang ga ada kerjaan Senen ini pun seharian cuma nonton TV aja siaran langsung, pengen liatin Jokowi naik delman diarak dari Bundaran HI ke Istana Merdeka LOL.

Dan, yang gua takjub sih selama masa kampanye pilpres taun ini yah, gua baru liat pake mata kepala sendiri hal-hal tentang demokrasi yang diajarin dari jaman gua SD yang tadinya cuma omong kosong baru jadi kenyataan semua. Misalnya nih yah, kan guru SD bilang tu demokrasi itu berarti kita kan milih pemimpin kita siapa yang terbaik dia yang menang kan berdasarkan suara terbanyak, terus rakyat jadi sukarela turun bantu ke jalan gitu-gitu (dan selama ini gua ga pernah liat yang kayak gitu pada kenyataannya).

Tapi di pilpres 2014 ini gua bener-bener sampe takjub banget ngeliat Efek Jokowi, gile dari dulu mana ada orang-orang bisa rela bela-belain turun ke jalan, urunan sukarela, dsb tergerak hati nurani buat ngedukung capres pilihannya, dan baru kali ini apa yang gua pelajari dari SD tentang demokrasi bisa gua liat dengan mata kepala gue sendiri waktu itu. Wow, sekarang Jokowi-nya uda dilantik, dan bahkan pesaing Jokowi pas pilpres aja dengan legowo dateng buat menghadiri pelantikan Jokowi, mereka damai-damai aja toh.... udahlah kita semua jangan kepecah lagi kayak jaman kampanye pilpres kemaren, pusing.

Yah dengan kepilihnya Jokowi jadi Presiden Indonesia ke-7, untuk gua sendiri sekarang jadi yakin dan optimis kalo negara ini bakalan berubah jadi lebih baik. Btw gue seneng aja entar gua bisa cerita ke siapapun di masa depan kalo sekarang di republik ini, anak tukang kayu dari bantaran kali aja bisa jadi presiden.

Sori yah post kali ini agak random hahaha, nulis cepet aja, masi banyak yang harus dikerjain ternyata. Have a nice day, Indonesian people. Let us live our new hope together with our lovely leader! :)

Today, history writes that a son of carpenter has been sworn as the 7th President of Indonesia. Congratulation for Mr. Joko Widodo, the people's president. #jokowi #presidenjokowi

Thursday, October 16, 2014

dia.lo.gue Artspace Kemang

A tricky stylized typace, makes an ambigu word for English and Bahasa.

I know this post must be a superduperlate post, as I went there on holiday about one or even two months ago. So.... on holiday, I saw in Instagram many people uploaded their photos sitting on the metal staircase without banister, and my some of my friends were also curious about that staircase, and.... we went there together.

I love how this place named. From the word "dialogue" and it's separated with dots becomes "dia" (he/she), "lo" (you), and "gue" (me), represents the people who are hanging out and having dialogues there,

Love this one.

To be honest, we were confused to find the door to go inside, and later found it's located in the corner of the gallery, not in front of the gallery. The first thing you will see is some merchandise store, and later you'll see a coridor of exhibition gallery. The cafe was located inside, after passing the exhibition coridor. Hmm, anyway I was prohibited by a waitress there to took a photo in merchandise section, maybe the main problem was my entry level DSLR camera which I used. So I suggest you not to capture photos on that section, unless you use a ordinary pocket camera or even your mirrorless camera maybe, LOL.

Just skip that part, I'm a good visitor, and I'll follow the rule if the frontliner tells me the no-DSLR-rule politely. :)
*and from then I started thinking to save up some money to buy a mirrorless DSLR*

One of the artworks exhibited on the gallery.

The cafe section.

Second storey.

A picture in the corner.

One of the picture I like the most.

Girls are just having fun. :)

Cashier table.

The foods
I think it's so rare to find the artspace cafe, especially in Jakarta, my first time going to artspace cafe was in Lawang Wangi Artspace Bandung (click here to know more). We were enjoying to have some foods to order, sitting there, and enjoying our day in an artspace cafe in Jakarta. We ordered Tortilla Chips which came with Salsa Dips, it came in bigger pieces and it wasn't oily. Later we ordered Smoked Beef Pizza, it came in 8 mini size slices, honestly, not as big as we expected LOL.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa Dips. (Rp 25.000)

Smoked Beef Pizza. (Rp 35.000)

Let's take some pictures...
Let me take you to the garden behind the main building.

View from the garden.

An installation art in the garden.

Wefie with using "tongsis"!

But, hmmm.... something's missing,

Finally, I have a photo sitting on the most mainstream staircase in social media HAHAHAH!

The foods are standart but thank goodness they aren't overpriced (like some cafes do), and the place comes in nice ambience. But... to be honest, I was prohibited by a rude waitress to take a picture with my DSLR. Yeah, I know for some people who don't understand, they just know using DSLR means you're taking some pictures for professional thing (but I don't, it's just for having fun and I put the photos on my blog). She used a body language, implied me to stop taking pictures only with eye contact and with her index finger from afar, I just smiled and said sorry to her I didn't know about a no-DSLR rule.

I twice prohibited to take pictures in other cafes, but two waiters asked me not to use my DSLR nicely, they came to me and asked me politely with smile. I respected them as they asked me nicely, they just do what they must do and I stopped using my DSLR. But.......... now when I'm writing this post, I'm curious what the waitress' reaction if I still captured pictures in front of her, or even capture some pictures of her face HAHAHAH okay must stop this kinda random and stupid imagination. Oh come on, this place is so nice but it has some rude waiters there, people do feel same thing like me. It would be better if they are nicer. ;(

Finally at that time, I wasn't curious anymore about dia.lo.gue, thanks to my hanging-out friends (which named by Cella, "Thursmate" which means Thursday Soulmate, as we hung out in holiday every Thursday).

Thurday soulmates.

Photo credit : Cella

dia.lo.gue Artspace and Cafe
Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 99 A
Kemang, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 7199 671 / 2
Hours : Mon-Fri 09.30 - 18.00 /
Sat - Sun 09.00 - 18.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 20.000 - Rp 65.000