Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Amber Chocolate Bar Senopati

HOLA EVERYBODY! It's been so long for me not to post anything on blog, since I'm so busy, many class assignments to finish. Too bad, I passed some business to do on this busy weeks, and one of them was one I've been craving for. Hope this hectic weeks gonna over soon, and I could take a rest for a while. *sigh*

Let's go back to the story. The Zomato Foodies held a fun meet up at Amber. Days before, I read some posts about Amber, a newly opened bar in Senopati. The thing which made me very curious about the place is "CHOCOLATE BAR" word, ehm... you know, I do love chocolate till death do us apart LOL. The posts I read made me wanted to go there SO MUCH!

Amber Chocolate Bar
The 3 storeys building is exactly located across Cacaote, I didn't took a photo of Amber's exterior, too excited to go inside LOL! To make sure you can see the exterior, I will show you the exterior from Amber's Instagram.

Amber has 3 themed floors : Pastry Boutique on the first floor, Library on the second floor, and rooftop bar on the third floor. Let's explore Amber with me! :D

Pastry Boutique
First, when you come inside Amber, you will see............


This place was super fancy, with lovely pastel colors (especially green) everywhere, I love this place so much. Cakes placed on the sides, and a table with chocolates and bags on it placed in the center.

The chandelier.

An exclusive hamper, buy it with the price Rp 700.000 and you can get the handbag too.

Lovely glass display you can see on the sides of the first floor.

Some breads they sell.

Cakes!!!! *drooling*

Macaroons with various taste. (Rp 15.000 / each)

Assorted Tea Cookies (Left - Rp 100.000) + Assorted Gourmet Tea Snack (Right - Rp 250.000)

Assorted Chocolate Bar. (Left - Rp 300.000) + Chocolate Chip. (Rp 30.000)

A lovely gold things I spotted at the corner, and a tempting pouring hot chocolate. 

A bouquet of flower on a fancy pot.

Dont' you think the chairs are so cute? :)

Go to the second floor, you can choose to go up with stairs or an elevator. The place were more packed than the first floor. It was an combination of woods, warm lighting, cement wall, and books. Take a look...

Wines inside the shelf.

Surrounded by the books when you're having a dinner.

Spotted a bar on the corner.

Don't ask me why, but I do love taking pictures of bar, they're interesting.

The unique thing on the second floor, it's like you're eating in the middle of the jungle,
as you can see the mini jungle inside the glass behind the chairs.

With the foodies!

The foods
Hmm, well.. me and Icha passed the first session of cakes tasting as we came there late. So, here were the cakes we tried. Anyway, for your info, the menu book was so big and covered with the leather, so exclusive, and I like the design of the menu book. Tsk, a foodie who is also a graphic design student always care about everything related with design on the restaurants. ;)

Mashed Potato
It was other's, I didn't try it by myself so I can't give a review, but I love the photo so I think I should put it down on this post HAHA. My friend said this one tasted good and no exception for this.

Mashed Potato.

Chocolate Sasha (Rp 40.000)
Chocolate? YES PLEASE! This one is made from many layers of chocolate, as you can see on the picture below. Start it with brownies cake with some pieces of almond nuts at the lowest layer, some chocolate mousse, a thin layer of chocolate, chocolate mousse again on top, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate again and finished with round chocolate (or nuts, I forget) on top. The cake was easy enough to cut, the taste was strong and bold. As the chocolate lover I marked this one as one of the most delicious chocolate cake I ever ate, recommended!

Chocolate Sasha. (Rp 40.000)

Sweet Potato (Rp 8.000)
A long and round bread made from potato and topped with sugar powder. But ergh.... it was so hard to cut this bread, and need extra patience to cut it without make your knife slipped and hit the plate hardly (ehm, like I did). Luckily, the bread inside was soft and but not as sweet as I thought.

Sweet Potato. (Rp 8.000)

Caramel Choco (Rp 40.000)
Cute presentation, but it wasn't as big as the Chocolate Sasha. The outer layer of this cake is chewy like a jelly, for you who may like trying cakes with the new variation, this cake suits you. But for me, I choose the inner layer instead.

Caramel Choco. (Rp 40.000)

Rooftop Bar
Finished munching all of those cakes and went together to the rooftop bar with the foodies! The rooftop is open on 5 PM, it means we could continue our talks up there. You may see the pictures of Amber's rooftop on Instagram in day, but I have some "exclusive" pictures of the rooftop at night, for you my readers!

The bar with super cool installation art, the flying birds!

The island tables + the unique lamps on every table. 

Comfortable sofas on the corner.

At the third floor, they sell alcohol drink and you're allowed to smoke.

Some double exposure photo I made.

When I went around the third floor to capture pictures, a waiter accompanied me nicely and he said I could go to the top of this building to take some good pictures. WHOA WHAT A NICE SERVICE!!!! So, at that moment, I told the foodies to take a look. So, which way to go at the top of the building?

The waiter said, "Go upstair".

And we saw the only stair to go up was at the left outdoor section, it was a so small wood stair, can be passed by one person in row. Well, we thought the waiter was kidding. You know, at the first time we saw the stair, we all said the same thing.....


"Paling itu tangga buat cuci jemur di atas".
That's just a small stair to go to do the laundry up there, we said. :'''')

HAHAHA okay we trusted the waiter, he wasn't lying LOL. We went upstairs one by one, and be careful with your steps, especially when you're wearing high heels, one of us almost slipped at the stair. 

The first view I could peep from the "bonus stage".

The place isn't so spacious, only three tables with sofas available on the rooftop. The main view of this what I called "bonus stage" is view of SCBD area. Chacha told us if she had already asked a waiter about the "bonus stage", if we wanted to spend a night there, the minimum order is Rp 3.000.000 for a table.

Seats available there.

Various shots at "bonus stage".

SCBD under the moonlight.


  • Nice place! Consists three different themes in every floor, just hopping from one floor to another floor if you're bored. And the themes aren't boring for me, those are SO NICE!
  • Foods are nice, mostly the foods worths with the size and taste.
  • Lovely hospitality, especially when Chef Ganesha visited our table, and a waiter that told me the info about the bonus stage (sorry for not believing you at the first time, told you were kidding LOL), good job for you!
  • Frankly speaking, the minimum order of sitting in "bonus stage" is Rp 3.000.000 for me and fellow foodies not too worth. Maybe they could rethink about the minimum order policy. ;(
  • Perfect for a place for tell your love feeling a.k.a nembak cewek! *thumbs up*
  • Please, dear future boyfriend.... buy me the exclusive leather handbag hamper. *okay, forget this one HAHAHAH padahal calon aja kagak punya mendingan beliin gue lensa Canon fix 50 mm f 1,8 aja lagi pengen bingits*

Surely, Amber is a recommended place to visit not only once. :)

Doing another short hiatus until February 6, perhaps will post one-two posts during my short hiatus if possible. See you until final exams week is over!
*waving hands*

Amber Chocolate Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 61
Senopati, South Jakarta
(across Cacaote)

T : +62 21 290 444 12
Hours: Mon - Sun 07.00 - 01.00
Pastry Boutique : 07.00 - 22.00
Library : 10.00 - 23.00
Sky Lounge : 17.00 - 01.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Trattoria Cuccina Italiana Lippo Mall Puri St. Moritz

Ciao! So busy for this week, finally can take a breath for a while. So horrible to imagine what next week will be since the assignment deadlines in university are very deadly for us, I wish I could skip the next 3-4 weeks. :'(

Finally, I can publish a new post for this week, I may not make a regular posts every 3 days like I usually do, since I will be very very busy for the next weeks ahead. Gonna introduce you a new Italian dining place near my house, too lazy to make opening paragraph so here we go.

Trattoria Cucina Italiana
New comer in West Jakarta, but this is not the first branch of Trattoria, there are Pondok Indah and Kuningan branches in Jakarta. It's located in St. Moritz beside The Fctory Bistro and Bar, but you may not notice the place quickly since its name written outside is too small for the restaurant, The Fctory is easier to find. The place was so casual, simple, minimalist, yet sophisticated in one time. It uses combinations of earthy materials and warm lighting. So, let the pictures below talk about the interior of the restaurants.

Welcome to Trattoria Cucina Italiana.

The second storey, is smaller than the first storey, but looks great to sit over there.

The corner.

I see you.

They have wine shelf in the corner of the first storey.

Make pizza, not war.

The foods
To add some information, they have a delivery service, but the foods are limited, so you may ask them first which ones can be delivered. Back to my dinner time, before the main dish arrived on the table, we were served with the appetizers.

Let's eat.

Like eating in other Italian restaurant (or often labeled "cucina"), you'll be given breads as the appetizer.

Soft breads.

Another complimentary at that night. So nice to know you were given a plate of yummy bruschetta before you would eat the main dish. The tomatoes were fresh!

The pieces given depends on how many person(s) in one table.

Cappriciosa (Rp 79.000)
Thin-crusted pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, Italian sausage, cooked ham and mix pepper. This one is non-halal, but you can request it to be halal. Served with generous toppings and mozzarella cheese. It came in big size which sliced into 8 pieces, perfect for sharing and I give a compliment for the pizza.

Cappriciosa. (Rp 79.000)

Pancetta E Grana (Rp 79.000)
Another non-halal pizza with tomato, mozarella, Italian bacon and grana cheese toppings. Little bit sour when I ate this, the tomato taste little bit overwhelmed. But, the grana cheese was given generously too, and I could taste the texture of bacon more, if compared with Cappriciosa. Halal on request, and will give this a compliment too.

Pancetta E Grana. (Rp 79.000)

Iced lemon tea. (Rp 23.000)

Nice ambience in day and night, the prices worths with the foods, and the service is nice. The waitress never let the empty plates on the table. It's such a new place near my house where you can enjoy your dinner with family and friends. At my second visit, I saw there was someone held a sweet seventeenth birthday dinner in here, wow I guess it's a great idea to held your birthday here, the place is so nice! I would like to conclude Trattoria in one sentence : I love this place.

See you on the next post, maybe next weekend I can make a new one. Happy Sunday.

Trattoria Cuccina Italiana
Lippo Mall Puri, GF
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Puri Indah, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 2911 1312
Hours: Sun- - Thur 10.00 - 22.00 /
Fri - Sat 10.00 - 24.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Also serving in :
Kuningan, Pondok Indah, BSD,
Medan and Bali (Seminyak + Kuta)


Monday, January 05, 2015

Cake A Boo Pantai Indah Kapuk

First food review post on 2015! How's your days in this year? Today is my last day of Christmas and New Year holiday *sigh*, when the students from the other university are still having holiday until the mid-February. It means... you know, deadlines are coming!!!! I hope in this senior year I will be more productive. Anyway, I will tell you about a new cake shop located in the famous Pantai Indah Kapuk. This cake shop has been a trending topic for all the foodies in the town, was curious enough and I went there with my cousin, Elissa.

So, maybe all of you go to this post through my Instagram, here's the short video trailer I made for Cake A Boo review in case if you haven't watched it. You can follow my Instagram, I have a self program "1 day 1 post" so be update of my feed. :)

It was drizzling at that night, me and my cousin walked fastly under an umbrella we shared from where the car parked avoiding the rain became harder at that time. Welcomed nicely by the waiter, and even he asked us to give my wet umbrella to him so he would keep it for me, what a nice service! This cake shop truly made me excited, the interior was uber cute with the pastel colors used.

Welcome to Cake-A-Boo.

Welcomed by the story book.

Opened the story book, it is said once upon a time there was a good boy named Noel who travelled to the magical forest and suddenly he met a lion, named Miko, who gave him a golden ticket to enjoy the journey to the factory. So, let Noel brings you the journey together with him.

Hey Miko!

Take us to the factory!

Spotted this at cashier section.

Nice decoration.

Love this picture I captured, don't know why.

Seats in the corner.

Look at this colorful factory.

The lollipop look alike pipes are above my head.

Still excited to spot the cute decoration inside.

Ready to taste the delightful surprise?

Uh-huh, but not these one put on the display table.

The special thing inside Cake-A-Boo Factory, rolling cakes!!!!

The cakes
But first, let us take some drinks before eating the cakes. Refreshing the throats with a sweet iced chocolate drink with choco chip and iced peach tea. *gulp gulp*

Chocolate Drink.

Ice Peach Tea.

Volcano (Rp 35.000)
At the first time, I thought this cake is just an ordinary lava cake, you cut it and the sauce will melt everywhere. The sponge cake consists chocolate rum mousse with chocolate crumble, and strawberry sauce and erupted chocolate sauce from inside the cake. The texture was light, soft and sticky, but the chocolate taste wasn't as strong as I expected. Maybe it suits for the one who doesn't like too sweet chocolate cake.

Volcano. (Rp 35.000)

Nutty Hazel (Rp 35.000)
Consists hazelnut mousse and chocolate brulee. I like this one, the hazelnut mousse was so soft and the chocolate brulee made a perfect combination. They melted together inside my mouth, tasted light and it had balanced sweetness. Recommend you this one.

Nutty Hazel. (Rp 35.000)

I just tried two of their cakes, but if I have to make some conclusion, I would like to say they could make the Volcano cake tastes stronger, and in addition, some of my friends said some of the cakes they tasted were too sweet depending on their taste buds. But on the other hand, the place was cozy although it was quiet packed inside. Come with cute concept, and they have great service. I couldn't give an overall conclusion, so how about taste it by yourself with Noel and Miko? ;)

The last but not the least, good luck for Cake-A-Boo!

Enjoy the sweet escape.

Ruko Garden House Blok B22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

T : +62 21 2903 2922/
+62 819 3242 6451
Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : NO
Price Range: Rp 80.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram