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OMG - Original Meatball Galore Meruya

At the first time I know OMG from JKTGo, I didn't realize if it's really near from my house, until one of my food hunting partners told me if it's near my house. So, we went by feet from my house and found it was closed! Lah, we were so confused why the new restaurant who promotes itself now closed so fast? So we went to newly open ice cream shop near our neighborhood.

Okay, I opened OMG's Instagram and found they are closed every Monday, so we went there again at another day. Anyway, OMG is acronym for "Original Meatball Galore". Located across Superindo Meruya, beside Pinot Bakery. At the first time I knew OMG, I was wondering, why they choose their speciality in selling meatball. Soooo.......... it just made me to be more curious what kind of menu they serve.

Say hi to OMG.

There's a futuristic-look bar in the first storey touch of red and black colors. We were directed by the waiter to have a seat in second storey. What a lovely place I saw, the lounge play with red and black tones, combined with wood materials and OMG plays with typography in every side of the room.

Typography you'll look when you are going to second storey.

One of the sides of the wall. Anyway, the OMG's logo kinda reminds me of
Swedish House Mafia's famous three dots, LOL! Pardon my absurdity.

Look at this cool place!

The foods
We were so welcomed by the owners and we had a chat at that night with one of the owner. Everything was started with his love to the food especially meatball and cheese, but he saw no restaurant in Jakarta provides meatball, so OMG was established and made meatball as its speciality. OMG serves home made foods, and experiments in making good cheese-based sauces.

So, here were the foods we ordered.

OMG! Sampler. (Rp 65.000)

Wanna try many foods of OMG in a plate? So do order OMG Sampler, you will get BBQ Chicken wings, onion rings, chicken fingers, mozzarela french fries in a big plate with homemade dipping sauces (tartar and honey mustard). Okay, I tried it one by one, they looked so tempting, eh?

Clockwise : Onion ring, honey mustard cream, BBQ chicken grill, mozzarela french fries,
chicken finger, tartar sauce.

The onion ring's little bit bigger than the other restaurants usually serve, I love the thick crispy dough on the onion ring. The chicken wings tasted so yummy, again, I love how OMG made the crispy skin tasted so different with the others I ate before. I'm wondering how they can made the crispy fried dough like that, tasted good!

How about the french fries? It's such a nice idea to enjoy french fries with mozzarela cheese, I always wanna eat french fries like this way since I was a kiddo, but kinda lazy to prepare it by myself. As long as I know, there's still no restaurant serves french fries like this. The french fries' cut was big, and the mozzarela cheese was so galore, really!

Anyway, we do love the honey mustard sauce, you must try it!

The chicken finger, thick chicken slice with thick, crispy and yummy crunchy dough.

Naked Balls. (Rp 38.000)

This one is OMG's signature dish, it consists homemade meatballs, covered with sauce, served parmesan cheese and focaccia bread. You can choose what kind of gravies you like : tomato, hot sauce (level 1-10), mushroom, cream cheese, pesto, black pepper, or OMG special sauce. And we chose the last one, to find out what does it feel like.

With french fries as side dish.

One portion consists three large-sized meatballs, the texture was solid yet tender. In our opinion, the key of the taste in the dish is : the sauce. We enjoyed so much eating the meatballs with OMG Special Sauce, it's a cheese sauce combined with tomato. However, we loved the sauce so much, as they added the tomato in right amount so it didn't taste so sour, and made an unforgettable taste when the cheese melted in my mouth.

The meatball!

Anyway, you can upgrade your meatballs with fillings with only Rp 10.000, available in two options : melted cheese and hot chilli. Or you can add a side dish with only Rp 12.000, available in 4 options : mashed potato, french fries, potato cheese, and garlic butter rice.

Triple Pannacota (Rp 22.000)

The infused Italian custard made with cream, and served with homemade sauce. There are three flavors were served in here : strawberry, green tea, and chocolate. I love the texture, soft like tofu. The strawberry sauce was nice, as it tasted so original, like you're eating the real strawberry. But we thought the chocolate sauce was too sweet like the ones sold in supermarket. The green tea sauce was the best from the three sauce served. But we hoped the pannacotas were served colder and more solid, but still, we love this one. :)

Nice foods + nice place! You know, West Jakarta doesn't have many culinary center places, not like North and South Jakarta. I'm so happy anyway, now I have a cool space to chill out, eating meatballs with cheese, cheese, and cheese.... and I just walk for only 3 minutes from my house to reach it. You know, in my neighborhood, the culiner center was located only in Pesanggrahan and Puri, so crowded when you just wanna enjoy your time there. Anyway, cheese lovers, you should come here! They will give you cheese generously LOL.

So why don't you come here, go get some new experience of dining in the first meatball house in J-town! Best of luck for OMG!

P. S. : The place has a not-so-spacious parking lot, if you don't get a parking space, you can park your car in Taman Aries near the red shop house or in Superindo-Jameson. Anyway, they will give you 20% discount during its soft opening. Oh, I forget.. don't come in Monday, they are closed every Monday. ;)

It tastes just like... heaven!

OMG - Original Meatball Galore
Jl.Meruya Ilir Raya 16A, Meruya Utara
Kembangan, West Jakarta
(Across Superindo - Jameson)

T : +62 817 793 653
Hours : Tue - Thur 11 AM - 10 PM /
Fri - Sat 11 AM - 12 AM /
 Sun 11 AM - 11 PM
Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 24.000 - Rp 135.000


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Alternative Schedule of the Messed Up Homestay (Live In Merapi 2010 Part 6)

Cerita sebelumnya....
(The previous story)

Bisa diliat di part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, dan part 5.
Setelah akhirnya berhasil diungsikan dari Desa Kajangkoso yang jaraknya cuma 8 kilometer dari Puncak Merapi ke Desa Juwono yang jaraknya 20 kilometer dari Puncak Merapi, angkatan gua semuanya pada tidur ngemper di gereja yang ada di Desa Juwono, sekarang kita udah kayak ga punya apa-apa, cuma gereja doang tempat berlindung kita malam itu di saat Gunung Merapi meletus tanggal 26 Oktober 2010.

You can see it at part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.
We were finally evacuated from Kajangkosa Village (8 kilometres from top) to Juwono Village (20 kilometres from top), me and my friends slept at the Catholic church in Juwono Village. We had nothing, just a church as the shelter at the night, when Mount Merapi exploded at October 26, 2010.

Bangun pagi-pagi...
(In the morning)

Disuruh bawa barang dan pindah ke rumah retret, naik angkot rame-rame, terus pas udah sampe naik ke lantai 2 terus dipisah antara ruangan cewe dan ruangan cowo. Oke, gua baru ngeh kalo kita ada di Gereja St. Fransiskus Asisi Muntilan.

We were told to bring our luggages as we would move to retreat house with angkot (mini van). The boys room and girls room were separated on second storey. And I just knew at that time we were in Church St. Francis Assisi Muntilan.

Pagi-pagi semuanya udah pada gantian mandi dan abis itu main, terus semuaya udah pada disuruh mandi. WEH GUA GA PUNYA HANDUK WEH! HANDUKNYA KETINGGALAN DI DESA SONO! Akhirnya gua mandi, dan airnya dingin bangeeetttt, pas keramas jadi agak susah ngambil napas saking dinginnya. Gua keringannya pake kaos bekas tidur karena ga ada anduk. =____=

The first thing we did was took a bath, and I HAD NO TOWEL AS IT WAS LEFT IN MY HOMESTAY HOUSE! The water was so cold, I sometimes couldn't take a breath easily when I was washing my hair. I used my shirt which I wore yesterday as a towel. *sigh*

Muka seneng, abis pada mandi.
The happy faces after took a bath.

Tas semuanya uda ga beraturan di sini.
Bags everywhere!

Main kartu di antara ruangan cewe sama ruangan cowo.
Playing card in a small living room between boys and girls room.

Aldo abis mandi, tiba-tiba sampingnya ada si KS manusia photobomb.
Aldo after taking a bath, plus KS the photobomb man.

Mau makan.
The hungry people who would have lunch.

Pas siang
(In afternoon)

Makin siang, karena semua rencana berantakan, jadi hari itu kita di biara udah ga ada rencana apa-apa dan ga bisa ngapa-ngapain. Bosennya luar binasa, sampe gua sampe sempet tidur siang sekitar 2 jem, abis bangun bosen lagi. Hiburan satu-satunya di kamar cewe cuma main kartu UNO, eh udah gitu ada penyusup ternyata di kamar cewe!

The sun rised up, and we had nothing to do as the schedule was messed up. We weren't allowed to go outside the retreat house, and we were so bored to death. I took a siesta for 2 hours for spending time and just still bored after woke up. The only entertainment in girls room was a pack of UNO card, and then... we got a sneaker inside girls' room.

Keadaan kamar cewe.
Girls room.

Gara-gara penyusupnya ribut, si Mam' Yo langsung nengok ke kamar cewe.
Mam' Yo : LOH KOK ADA ONEL?! *kaget ada lekong di sarang perawan*
Onel : Eh si Mam' hehehe. Mam' mau ikutan main UNO gak Mam'?
Mam' Yo : YEEEHHH kamu keluar mainnya! Main kok di kamar cewe???? =____=

Onel : Hi Miss! Do you wanna play UNO with us?
Ms. Yo : You gotta get out! Don't play in girls' room lah! =___=

Onel si wakil ketua OSIS.
Onel, the vice chairman of high school executive board.

"Hai Mam'! Mau main UNO?"
"Hi Miss! Wanna join us?"

Saking ga ada kerjaannya, Onel aja akhirnya main sama anak cewe coba wakakaka. Bahkan si Onel sempet ngebet berguru Tari Saman sama si Tika, gara-gara Tika ikut ekskul Tari Saman di sekolah. Btw Onel tuh udah jago loh nari Saman-nya padahal ga ikutan ekskul, abis dia ga di kelas ga di kantin kalo ga ada kerjaan malah nari Saman.

Nothing to do, so Onel decided to play with the girls LOL! Even Onel asked Tika to teach her how to do Saman Dance (traditional dance from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province) as Tika joined Saman Dance extracurricular in school. Onel has made himself a master of Saman Dance even he didn't join it, he always practice by himself in canteen or when he did nothing in class.

Tari Saman bersama Tika.
Saman dancing with Tika.

Sore hari
(In the evening)

Sorenya, kita jalan-jalan di komplek makam di deket gereja (Belanda : Kerkhof  = taman gereja), di mana di kompleks makam itu ada makam Romo Sanjaya. Romo Sanjaya ini dulu pastur yang hidup di jaman kemerdekaan dan mati martir di Muntilan (biografinya bisa diklik di sini). Beliau ini adalah satu-satunya Beato (calon Santo / orang suci) dari Indonesia.

We took a walk in graveyard near church, people there called it "Kerkop" (from Dutch language "Kerkhof"). In that graveyard, there is Ps. Sanjaya's tomb. Ps. Sanjaya is a native pastor who lived in independence era and died as martyr in Muntilan (you can click to see his biography here), he's the only one Beato (saint candidate) from Indonesia.

Ikon salib "Tertium Millenium"
Cross Icon "Tertium Millenium"

Deven, YP. John, Bima, Jimmy, Pras, Christo, Rendy, Sergio, Harry.

Di dalam bangunan Kerkhoff, yang isinya batu marmer bertuliskan nama, tanggal lahir dan meninggal
para romo yang dikubur di Kerkhoff., kebanyakan dari Ordo Projo.
Inside Kerkhoff building, there are lot of marble stones written with name, date of birth and death of
pastors who were buried there, most of them are from Projo Order.

Abis itu gara-gara dibilang malem itu makannya masi lama, padahal gua uda laper, gua sama temen-temen lainnya makan bakwan malang di depan Sekolah Van Lith Muntilan. Gile, makanan di situ uda enak murah banget lagi, cukup dengan Rp 3.000 aja makan bisa sampe kenyang!

Teachers said the dinner still took a long time to be served, and I was so hungry. Me and friends found a Bakwan Malang hawker in front of Van Lith School. Couldn't believe if the bakwan tasted so niceeeee and we only spent Rp 3.000 per portion, so cheap lah if compared with Jakarta's bakso (meatball) with price Rp 10.000 per portion. The Jakarta's price standard is very high beetween in the other regions (except Papua, the standard's higher than Jakarta's).

Jalanan di depan Sekolah Van Lith.
A small road in front of Van Lith School.

Bakwan malang!

Jadi inget kata-kata si Eban + Josh di jemputan, sebelum berangkat live-in.
Eban : Lu tau ga? Harusnya kemaren KH traktiran ulang taun di Muntilan aja, cukup bawa Rp 50.000 aja!
Joshua : Iye tu, makannya bisa nambah sampe muntah-muntah kali! "Ayooo, tambah terus sampe muntahhh!"

I remembered Eban and Josh said in student shuttle car, before we went here.
Eban : Eh, you know? KH should hold his birthday lunch here, he can pay all of our lunch here with only Rp 50.000!
Joshua : Agree! We can eat the lunch until our stomacks are full and puke everywhere LOL.

Jejen + Grace, sibuk makan, tapi emang enak si bakwannya.
Jejen and Grace, eating their delicious bakwan.

Di situ uda ga terlalu banyak abu karena abis ujan, cuma yah abu masi nempel di mana-mana, apalagi pas mau minum teh botol ternyata sedotan isinya debu semua. Yah sudahlah, yang penting nikmati pemandangan sambil makan bakwan malang panas, dan foto-foto. Mumpung semua anak dikasi masker gratis mendingan dipake buat foto-foto, sekalian nutupin muka aib sih HAHA.

The floating ash decreased at that time because it had rained at that time, but still, you can still find ash eveywhere. I could find ash inside the straws when I want to drink tea in the bottle, but yeah who cared.... we could enjoy the view after rain while eating warm bakwan malang, and took some pictures. We tried to took some swaggy photos with free maskers distributed for us.

Tika si temen sebangku.
Tika, my chairmate.

Ubi, Tika, Josh.

Malem hari
(In the night)

Hmmm malemnya malah udah jadi ngantuk, terus masi ada acara lagi soal yang nge-review selama kita di sini. Pegel bok duduk di lantai lama banget, mana pantat gua tepos lagi langsung kejedok ubin huhu. Sebenernya, kalo Merapi lagi ga meletus kemaren, mustinya malem ini kita absi review udah langsung disuguhin tarian kesenian gitu dari timnya di Gubug Selo Merapi sambil makan-makan, nongki cantik gitu deh di desa, yah... ternyata semua itu telah pupus.....

I was already sleepy at that time, but there would be one event held about reviewing activities in Muntilan. It was so tired to sit on the floor in a long time. I wish Mount Merapi hadn't exploded at that time, so we'd enjoyed the traditional dance show from the education team while eating barbecues and other traditional snacks + chit-chatting with the others under the moonlight..... but..... forget it.

Akhirnya kembali tidur rame-rame ngemper, yang cewe di kamar cewe, yang cowo di kamar cowo. Pegel linu dah tidur beralaskan karpet doang malem itu. :')

So, we slept again on the floor, girls and boys were sleeping separated. I got my body little bit sore sleeping on the floor for two nights. Again, I used my gym bag as pillow and jacket as my blanket.

Foto taman rumah retret yang gua ambil pas sore hari dari lantai 2.
I took this picture of retreat house's garden from second storey.

Seluruh taman uda ketutup sama material letusan Gunung Merapi.
Whole of the garden were covered by the material exploded out from Mount Merapi.

Cerita kelanjutannya di post selanjutnya aja yah.
I will tell you the next story later.

Photo credit : Grace

Rumah Retret St. Fransiskus Asisi
Jl. Kartini No. 11
Samping RSU Muntilan
Magelang, Jawa Tengah
T : +62 29 3587 095

Kompleks Perkuburan Kerkhoff (Kerkhop)
Jl. Kartini, Muntilan
Seberang SMU Van Lith Muntilan
Magelang, Jawa Tengah
T : + 62 93 587 046

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I Was Finally Evacuated! (Live In Merapi 2010 Part 5)

Cerita sebelumnya....
(The previous story)

Bisa diliat di part 1, part 2, part 3, dan part 4.
Karena Gunung Merapi udah meletus padahal kita di sana belom ada 12 jam, acara live-in berubah jadi acara pengungsian. Semua anak yang tinggal di desa-desa di ring 3 semuanya turun dan ngungsi Gubug Selo Merapi. Tapi... pada kenyataannya, sampe terakhir gua dan 11 anak lainnya belum diungsiin, padahal semuanya uda turun ke Desa Juwono.

You can see it at part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.
Mount Merapi erupted before we arrived there for 12 hours, so the homestaying program was ruined and became an evacuation program. The participants who homestayed at ring 3 villages had to go downhill and prepared themselves to be evacuated in Gubug Selo Merapi. But in fact, until the last minutes, me and 11 other students weren't evacuated when the others had been evacuated first to Juwono Village.

Resah abis-abisan...
(Worried so much)

Anak-anak dari kloter sebelumnya ada YP sama Albi, terakhir mereka yang pergi ikut mobil tapi udah sekitar 1 jam mereka ga balik-balik. Kok lama banget? Barang-barang kita sih mereka yang ngambilin tapi kok ga balik-balik.

The boys, YP and Albi, they went uphill by car to take our luggages at homestay parents' house, but they didn't come back for so long time, about 1 hour.

Akhirnyaaaa yang ditunggu-tunggu dateng juga, mereka balik pake mobil yang penuh debu, terus mereka semua dah ngambilin tas kita, mereka lama karena mereka ambilin tas-tas ke rumah-rumah induk-induk semang satu-satu. Yak, tapi sayangnya, barang-barang yang ga ditaruh tas ga keambil, jadi yang kurang sekarang cuma celana jeans item gua sama handuk gua.

Finally they came back by a dusty car, brought our luggages. But unfortunately, stuffs which I didn't put in my bag weren't brought by them, they were my towel and my black jeans.

Yang cewe, disuruh ikut naik mobil Kijang warna emas yang dikendarain sama Romo Kirjito, ditemenin Mam' Yo. Kalo yang cowo disuruh naik mobil pick-up, dan mereka teduhan pake terpal karena hujan abu waktu itu udah bercampur sama gerimis. Akhirnya kita 11 anak terakhir diungsiin juga ke Desa Juwono yang letaknya 20 kilometer dari Puncak Merapi, keluar dari ring 4.

The girls were picked up downhill by golden Kijang Capsule car which was driven by Ps. Kirjito, accompanied with Ms. Yo. The boys went downhill by pick-up car, protecting themselves from ash raining mixed with raindrops with tarpaulin. We, the last 11 students, were finally evacuated to Juwono Village which located 20 kilometres from top of Mount Merapi.

Mobilnya Romo Kirjito.
Ps. Kirjito's car.

Romo Kirjito waktu itu pake baju awam sih, jadinya sempet ga ngenalin itu Romo kalo Mam' Yo ga manggil dia gitu. Dia bapak-bapak umur 40-50-an, cuma pake topi, rambutnya sebahu keriting. Di mobil dia ngobrol sama Mam' Yo.

Ps. Kirjito wasn't wearing his pastoral uniform at that time, so I didn't have any mind if he was a pastor until Ms. Yo called him with "Pastor". He was a 40s or 50s curly haired man with a cap. In the car, he was talking to Ms. Yo...

Romo : Ga nyangka ya toh kalo ternyata Merapi erupsi juga, tapi sejauh ini sih dari dulu selalu aman ngadain acara seperti ini, ndak pernah sedang meletus. Cuma satu-satunya kali ini. Tadi ANTARA News tulis berita tentang hari ini, saya suruh masukkan Sekolah *SENSOR HAHA* juga sedang mengadakan Live-In di sini, satu-satunya.

Pastor : I didn't think if Merapi would erupt on these days, compared with my experience holding the homestay program for years. This is the only one, the first time Merapi erupts while homestaying. I told ANTARA News (Indonesia's national news agency) to write down the story of today, that this high school is holding a homestaying program, the only one.

Mam' Yo dan Romo Kirjito.

Setelah lama di mobil....
(After a long time in the car)

Lewatin jalan berbatu-batu dan minim penerangan, lewat semak-semak rumput lah lah, jalan kecil banget, jembatan kayu kecil, dan medan-medan lainnya, sekitar 45 menit kemudian akhirnya terlihat di kejauhan sebuah gereja Katolik yang lumayan besar. Kata Romo kita udah sampe di Desa Juwono, di situ udah banyak temen-temen gua tumpah ruah di situ. Gua sih pertamanya minta minum di dapur gereja, abis haus. Terus habis haus, mau pipis. Eh kampret, giliran mau pake keran air, tiba-tiba keran air bisa nyetop sendiri. Bikin kaget.

...Passing through the rocky road and no lighting (except the car's lamps), passing the savanas, bushes, small path, a simple wooden bridge, and the other hurdles, finally around 45 minutes later we saw from afar a quiet big Catholic church. Pastor said we finally arrived at Juwono Village, I saw many of my friends there. The first thing I did was asking some water at church's kitchen, I was so thirsty. After that I went to toilet, and I still remember that the water tap stopped while I used it, and it really shocked me. Just little bit frightened, it was an old church, and... yah if you know what I mean. :')

Udah gitu, di dalem gereja, semua kursi kan disingkirin ke pinggir, jadinya cuma ada karpet doang di sana. Disuruh cari tempat masing-masing buat tidur, yak silakan dibayangkan. Semuanya udah kayak ikan teri masuk toples terus dipepes, bergeletakan semua di lantai. Gua sendiri tidur pake bantal dari tas gua, pake jaket, terus tidur deh. Sedih banget asli malem itu, pas semua disuruh tidur lampu semua dimatiin, gua dan temen-temen harus berbagi tempat, satu aula gereja buat 80 anak lebih belom sama guru-guru.

Inside the church, all the benches were moved to the edge of the room, left only carpets in the hall, and all of us were told to sleep on the carpets. So you can imagine, everybody was sleeping on the carpets. I slept with using my gym bag as pillow and jacket as my blanket. It was super sad if I remember that moment, we had to share a hall for 80 students and teachers to sleep at that night.

Jadi malemnya langsung tidur aja lah, dan berharap besok hari semuanya lebih baik lagi. *tidur*

So I just closed my eyes, when the light was turned off, hoped everything would be alright in the next day.

Keesokan paginya....
(The next morning)

Ternyata pagi-pagi bangun banyak cerita-cerita ngakak tentang temen-temen gua pas lagi tidur, salah satunya Bambang (sebut saja begitu, nama disamarkan demi masa depannya), ini ceritanya yang paling heboh soalnya.

There was a super funny gossip when I was awake at that morning. Just call one of my friend Bambang (not the real name), there was a funny story about him.

Jadi, pas lagi malem, di saat semua orang tidur, ada beberapa temen gua yang ga bisa tidur dan akhirnya malah kebangun. Terus temen gua itu ngeliat si Bambang tiba-tiba bangkit dari tempat dia tidur, terus jalan sedikit ga jauh dari tempat dia tidur, tapi matanya masih merem. Oke, jadi dia jalan sambil tidur, doi ngigau.

So, at the night, when all of students were sleeping, some of my friends couldn't sleep at that time and awake all night. One of them saw Bambang suddenly stood up from the place he was sleeping, walked some steps beside his place, but with closed eyes. Well, Bambang was sleepwalking.

Temen gua : *masi ngeliatin Bambang, ngapain tu anak?*
Bambang : *buka kaos tapi sambil merem*
Temen gua : *bingung, kenapa ni anak buka kaos?*

My friend : *still looking at Bambang, what he would do?*
Bambang : *took off his cloth but still with closed eyes*
My friend : *confused, why he took off his cloth?*

Bambang : *buka celana luaran tapi sambil merem*
Temen gua : EH ANJIR BAMBANG LU NGAPAIN???? *panik*
Bambang : *sambil merem, doi jongkok gitu, terus malah belagak mandi sirem-sirem pake gayung tapi masi merem*

Bambang : *took off his pants too, still with closed eyes*
My friend : OH SH*T BAMBANG WTF ARE YOU DOING????? *panic*
Bambang : *with closed eyes, he squated, and made gesture like he was taking a bath with scoop water LOL!!!!*

SI BAMBANG MALAH NGIGAU LAGI MANDI TAPI DI AULA BUAHAHAHAHAH TAPI SAMBIL TIDUR. Aduh somplak deh pokoknya gua sama temen-temen gua ngakak guling-guling denger ceritanya, untung dia kagak copot kolor pas lagi ngigau coba. :')))

BAMBANG WAS SLEEPWALKING AND MADE GESTURE LIKE HE WAS TAKING A BATH IN THE HALL ROTFL. I laughed so hard with my friends when I heard that story, luckily he didn't took off his underwear, eh? :')

Dan kampretnya, temen-temen gua yang tadinya ga tidur itu malah ngerjain temen-temen gua yang lain, misalnya kayak fotoin temen-temen gua yang tidur, taruh bolpen (secara horisontal kok jadi ga kesedak) ke bibirnya lagi nganga merekah gitu, yang paling kampret sih yang kayak gambar di bawah ini nih.....

The most sh*t thing was, my friends who were awake all night made funny things with the sleeping ones, like taking some pictures of sleeping friends, putting a pen on my friend's mouth, and the most epic one is..... like the picture below I redraw for you. :')


Temen gua bahkan ada yang masukin kertas mulutnya pas lagi tidur coba. :')
My friend got his mouth inserted a roll of paper when sleeping. :')

Duh kok post yang kali ini malah jadi random yah? Yah pokoknya ceritanya begitu deh..... intinya lu siap-siap dikerjain sama anak-anak yang ga tidur di sono, hoki-hokian hahahah. Gua bakalan lanjutin cerita selanjutnya di post berikutnya, hmmm ato mau gua terbitin review makanan dulu? *galau*

Ergh, I think this post is super random compared with previous posts before LOL. Well, I will continue the story at the next post, or maybe I'll post a food review first? *confused*

Friday, September 12, 2014

The brentwooD Grill Steak Bistro Dharmawangsa

Hey, still following my newest travel series post about homestaying in Merapi? I hope you are, and I hope you're missing my food review post here. So anyway, I got an invitation to attend food tasting at brentwooD Grill, here we go.

brentwooD Grill
First I mistook if it was placed in Dharmawangsa Square, until I just realised it wasn't and I had to walk across the street because it was outside Dharmawangsa Square. You will notice the restaurant quickly at Ruko Dharmawangsa as brentwood's exterior is blue and dominated with wood. The place was quiet small seen from outside, but it was spacious when I entered in. Well, now let the pictures talk!

Welcome to Brentwood!

The very homey place, the warm lighting and wood material combination everywhere.

You can see the view outside clearly the big window.

You will find so many bottles inside set as decoration, lovely!

Going to another corner, the bottle is combined with paintings and some metal material.

At second floor.

Erdinger Champs bottles on the rack.

Favorite corner at second floor.

You will see quotes written on chalkboards in second storey.

Love the unique decorations inside.

Welcomed by the chef
brentwooD Grill was established by Chef Adriano Mazek. I never met people like him before, he opens his restaurant in evening after working in the morning. brentwooD opens everyday except Sunday as he takes a rest in the weekend. See? I believe Mr. Mazek has a great passion for living what he loves, especially serving you the great dinner with great quality.

Anyway, do you know if Mr. Mazek works as a dentist in the morning? :p

Chef Adriano Mazek.

The waiter poured the welcome drinks for us.

Bel Normande wine.


The foods served
There were so many menus to try, so I'll tell you all of those foods I munched at the day. *munch munch*


First I was impressed with the salad, it used sliced strawberry, and I never saw a salad like this before. Lovely presentation! But I'm not such a person who loves eating salad, and it came with bigger portion than other restaurants usually serve, so I didn't finish eating it all. The dressing was so sour for me, so I just ate it little bit and... done. :')

Escargot A L'Ail Et Au Echalotes. (Rp 70.000)

Another appetizer served for us, this one was people's favorite. I hoped I got a portion of escargot for myself, but we had to share two plates of the escargot with the others LOL. This one tasted SOOOO AMAZINNNNGGG you must try this one! This one was cooked little bit dry as it was seared with butter, it had perfect saltiness and savoriness level, and I love the taste of the provençale herbs.

New England Clam Chowder. (Rp 69.000)

The chowder consistency was good, and the potato cream was quiet good, but it wasn't warm when it was served. I didn't feel any clam in the soup, and I stirred the soup with spoon and found the clam was sliced too small, so it was like I didn't eat anything inside the chowder. Anyway, there are 2 breads on this menu, the first one used as bowl for chowder, and the second one is put on the plate's edge. The second bread is softer than the first one, and it tasted good.

Hokkaido Petoncles, Saffron Nage, Les Yeux Noirs, Et Petits Pois. 

The hokkaido scallops tasted good, as it was not too chewy. Love the saffron nage (the yellow sauce at picture) which completed the taste of the scallops. It came in fine dining portion, large plate and small portion, so it was too fast for me to finish eating this delicious petoncles. Me want mooooreeee...

Le Entrecôte. (Rp 200.000)

My entrecôte was medium-well one. It came in generous portion (as you can see it in the picture) served with tarragon sauce, pomme frites and walnut salad. It was juicy and tender so I had no problem of cutting it into pieces. I didn't try the pomme frites and walnut salad as I was concentrating of finishing the entrecôte LOL. I was so tired to munch the entrecôte as it was so big for me.

The juicy and tender meat, but the tarragon sauce was slightly bitter for me.

Chateaubriand Angus Steak. (Rp 195.000)

Okay, what's next? To be honest, when I saw the chateaubriand for the first time, it was like.... sushi?

All of the components seems didn't make any unity, and the mushroom terrine "fooled" me so I thought it was sushi LOL. Despite having not-so-interesting look, I prefer this one to entrecôte. This one is the sweet one, not like the entrecôte, and I'm so into this steak. This juicy medium-rare Australian angus tenderloin came also came in generous portion (but still the entrecôte was little bit bigger than this one) with red wine jus, accompanied with a yummy mushroom terrine and tomato confit.

As this one wasn't mine, Ika gave me a small portion of the leaf-wrapped ground beef (the right one in the picture), it tasted SOOOOO NICEEEEEE, it was super tender, more savory than the angus, and it just made me regret not to choose this one between two options given. She said that one I just ate was beef cheek, I wasn't so sure but I just believed what she said, tee-hee. :p

Really, don't judge the book by its cover. This one was the main star of the day, so I recommend you to try this!

Earthy Coffee Crunchy Almond.

There are three cakes in the plate. The first one, it is a bread dipped in white chocolate, you may say it is too sweet, but I like it (I'm a chocolate lover)! The second one is chocolate mousse, it's special because it's mixed with grilled coffee beans, you can taste the coffee when you eat this one. The third one is choux covered with white chocolate (again) filled with banana cream, this one was served warm. Although I don't like banana so much, this one tasted so good, the cream was soft and not too sweet. I just can say one word for the desserts : délicieux!

And... that's all folks!
The conclusion? I love brentwooD so much! I see the menu list price, it's very reasonable, and brentwooD gives you another experience to enjoy the Western food (especially French) in casual way. And the important thing to be highlighted, you'll be served by a dentist with great passion in culinary thing like I told you before! Anyway, I love the interior so much, wood's everywhere, my kinda dreamy place! :)

Chef Adri + William Tunggaldjaja (Country Manager of Zomato Indonesia).

William was sitting beside me when I had exciting conversation with Chacha, Heru and Yuke, talking about weird and nowadays less-used vocabulary like "betak" and "cipet" HAHA.
Chacha : Will, do you have Instagram? Let me follow you.
William : Nope, I just use Twitter.
Chacha : Go make an account then.

And William made an Instagram account at that time,
Me : LOL you made Instagram now! So who's be the lucky one to be first followed by you?
William : It's you! *giving his phone to me*

So, I was little bit proud at that time to receive an honor that my Instagram account is the first account he follows, LOL. *ga penting*

Shabrina Koeswologito (Community Manager of Zomato Indonesia),
me, Ferna Kinata, Heru Sugiarta, Chacha Willémse, Saezares Novandito.

Thank you so much for Zomato Indonesia for inviting me and other bloggers and foodies at BrentwooD Grill! I love meeting new people who have same interests like me, and it happened at #ZomatoFoodieMeetUp! We could know each other at that time, snaps the foods all the time, shared the best angles to do food photo shoots, had so many chit chats and everything happened there was very awesome!

Also, I wanna thank UBER Taxi Jakarta for giving the facility for me and others to be picked up by UBER's private taxi (photos are still in Chacha's phone)! I got a chance to go home with a nice and sexy black Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and it was FREE! *evil laugh*

Thank you #ZomatoFoodieMeetUp, looking forward for another meetup!
William, Heru, Shabrina, Yuke, Teppy, Chacha, Dito, Jessica, Qanita (Zomato), Ferna, Ika, Shelmi,
SoyaStacia, Selena, Step-Wibi.

brentwooD Grill Steak Bistro
Ruko Dharmawangsa Square
Jl. Dharmawangsa VI No 40 - 41
Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 7360 320 / 312
Hours : Mon-Sat 17.00 - 23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Alcohol : YES
Price Range : Rp 50.000 - Rp 300.000